Grim Farmer is a fun and fast paced card game.

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The Players are farmers and a new neighbour just arrived, the Grim Reaper himself.

He decided that he wants to be a farmer, but he doesn't know much about it. Poor animals are not so lucky under his hands, his touch is deadly. He asks a little help from the Players and who can say no to Death?

How to play

  • At the beginning of the game, every Player draws 13 animal cards into their hands.
  • In a turn, the Grim Reaper tells what animals he would like by drawing a color token and an animal token from the cotton bags.
  • The Players can place down 2 to 5 cards to the table, face down, but if they are tricky they can smuggle in invalid cards too.
  • Before the turn ends, the Players can challenge each other and the challenged Players have to show their cards.
  • If a Player has wrong cards, then as many cards have to be drawn from the deck as many were placed down.
  • That Player wins, who has empty hands at a turn's end.
To learn more, download the rulebook HERE

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You are racing to the top. You have to be the first, there is no second place.

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The Players play adventurous mountaineers during their increasingly dangerous journey to reach the top of the mountain first.

Avoid dangerous traps, collect items and prevent the other Players to get ahead of you. Also, beware of the Yeti who is more than happy to throw you around!

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